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Nintendo 3DS Gets a Steering Wheel

by on October 25, 2011

Ever find yourself playing a racing game and accidentally turning the controller as if it were a steering wheel? Well, no need to worry about public humiliation when you do it on your 3DS once you attach the Mario Kart 7 steering wheel from Japanese manufacturer Hori.

The peripheral is announced for Japan, and will more than likely be making its way overseas shortly. Just slap your 3DS in the center of the wheel, turn on the first-person driving mode in the game, and start swerving all over the road. This will of course complicate things for anyone who tries to play their 3DS while stuck in traffic. Make sure you’re turning the right wheel.

The wheel is retailing in Japan for 1280 yen, which comes to about $16.80. It’s a small price to pay to look like a fool.


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