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access_time October 25, 2011 at 9:43 AM in Features by AJ Dellinger

GTA V Trailer Coming November 2

Rockstar sure knows how to tease their fan base. With a simple image and the promise of a trailer, Grand Theft Auto V has been confirmed. In just over a week, we’ll get our first look at what they’ve got planned with the first official trailer for the game. Until then, we should probably all speculate as much as possible about what we’ll be shown.

From the initial look at the image, we can tell almost nothing. The texture of the “V” looks like money, which would be totally shocking from such a morally driven game. If it is representative of anything aside from money, the only thing I could fathom is that it’s a indication of what city the game will take place in. Best guess from what is given: Washington, D.C.

So, no release date, no information, no city, just the promise of a trailer in a week. And yet we’re all excited. You got us, Rockstar. We’re hooked. Where do you think GTA V will take place?


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