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access_time October 14, 2011 at 9:23 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

New Skyward Sword Details and Screens (Spoilers)

Nintendo is teasing its customers with new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword screens and details! If you want some spoilers then read and look on, if you don’t then turn your head the other way!


Lake Floria is just that, a lake. Its home rests in a section of the Faron woods that Link comes to later on in his quest. Instead of Zora’s you come across a tribe of squid-like creatures called the Parella.

Obviously, to get around Lake Floria you will have to swim. Did you think you were going to fly? Anyways, you’ll be able to use the wii-mote in a “natural way” to swim in the game. This most likely means you’ll be flailing around your arms while trying to get link to visit the nearest Parella.

Bugs and Potions

A new feature in this game includes a couple things that have already been implemented in Zelda games before. As in Twilight Princess, you can capture bugs but instead of giving them to a crazy bug lady you can mix them with potions to get more powerful potions. There are a myriad of combinations of bugs that you can use to get better and better potions.

Fun Fun Island

Fun Fun Island is one of the small floating islands near Link’s home town of Skyloft. However, before your fun is to be had you must satisfy the request of the sole person who lives there.

The Whip

Aw yeah! Things are about to get kinky with Link. Wait, they aren’t? F@#^. Anyways, a new item that looks like it will be replacing the hookshot/clawshot in this game is the whip. You can use this item to grab other items and solve puzzles. As with swimming, you can use the wii-mote to control the whip realistically. Again, flailing the wii-mote forward is not a good idea. Make sure you have your safety strap on dear readers.

That is it for now, except for the rest of the screens. Enjoy:




  • Cheddahz October 14, 2011 at 8:10 PM

    I haven’t played a Zelda game in ages, I might have to play this one

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