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Square Enix Shows Off Next-Gen Graphics Engine

by on October 13, 2011

Photo courtesy of EDGE

In Japan last week, during a press conference, Square Enix showed off some tech demos of its next-gen Luminous Engine, which provides some really nice, photo-realistic graphics.

According to Japanese site Game Watch (transcribed by EDGE), the new engine supports DirectX 11, while providing fluid and cloth simulation, tessellation techniques and real-time reflections with low memory cost.

Square says that the new engine, while looking pretty awesome, will actually enable faster development cycles, as opposed to lengthening them.

The above image shows how Square Enix is able to almost perfectly recreate a digital photo of a real scene and recreate it with the engine.

The Luminous Engine is said to also be able to change how a game character moves in realtime, if he or she has added weight, such as holding a sword, or the way they walk on different terrains.  The report also mentions how the engine will have “advanced AI support” that will reflect how a character’s knowledge of their environment, changes their behavior.

Sounds pretty impressive to us!




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