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Minecraft Updates: Potions, Smithing, and More

by on October 12, 2011

Mojang is working hard and fast before the feature freeze coming up. Notch seems to be going nuts saying this:

One week until feature freeze! Code faster! Add more stuff! MOAR STUFF!!! AAAHHH!!

As you all should know The End is a real place, at least in Minecraft anyways and you will most likely get there via the goo portals. There haven’t been any updates about the sky dimension though. Dragons will be featured in the End as well as in the normal Minecraft world it seems. Notch has made the Dragons pretty overpowered saying that they smash through blocks and what not. Don’t worry folks, he’s going to lower the God power of the dragons after Minecon.

Jens has been hard at work as well. As you can see in the above picture, enchantments on items now have names! Jens asked twitter followers what a good name for an enchantment that deals extra damage to the undead would be. It seems that smite just won’t cut it. Also, instead of ghast tears giving an instant health potion they will instead make a regeneration potion. Jens said that since ghast tears were so hard to obtain that this type of potion would be plausible. Also, it seems that the reasoning for debuff potions will be on it’s way with Jens saying:

Enchantments are ‘done’ for the time being. Now on to why there are so many bad potions… *dun dun dun*

Jens also does not think there will be enough time to work on the NPCs before the feature freeze.

So Mojang, Tik Tok goes the clock. Better hurry.

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