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access_time October 11, 2011 at 10:31 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Brawl Your Way to Victory in Skyrim

Well probably not but I’m sure it has been done before. Another leak in the Skyrim pipes has occurred dear readers, you can now view images of the Skyrim manual at this link all thanks to CVG. Apparently fisticuffs is a non-criminal offense in Skyrim and you can happily beat information out of your foes. Now isn’t that a happy thought?

The manual goes into detail about other things but not too many things of note. Runes seem to be added to the game along with tomes you can learn spells from. The map system has been updated a bit. You can see your location, a quest target location, and a custom location on your map, quite the same as Oblivion. If you have a place that is known to you, but you haven’t traveled there yet it’s icon is black which denotes you can’t fast travel there. White place icons denote that you have been to that place and you can fast travel there as well. Another new feature is if you find yourself in a fight with weapons, you can sheath your weapon to yield. If your opponent is willing he/she will stop harming you. The manual also goes into a bit of detail about perks as well. Other than that there isn’t really anything very new.



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