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access_time October 11, 2011 at 10:07 AM in Culture by AJ Dellinger

Arkham City’s Dev Says “Superman Not Suited for Games”

Batman: Arkham City developer Dax Ginn is never one to mince words. So when asked if his Rocksteady Studio would ever attempt to take on another super hero like, say, Superman, Dax wasted no time dismissing the possibility. He gave a line similar to what any fan boy says in a debate about who would win between Superman and Batman: Superman is just too powerful for his own good.

“I think Superman is a very difficult character. He’s an incredible character, but the thing about Batman is that he’s so vulnerable, like physically vulnerable. The fertile territory of games design is being able to provide the player with opportunities for power, but also letting them know that they’ve got something to lose,” Dax said. He continued his explanation stating, “With Batman, you feel very powerful when you’re surrounded by 25 thugs who’ve just got baseball bats, but give just one of them an assault rifle and it changes the entire dynamic of the fight.
But with a character like Superman, that’s not possible. So, I wouldn’t want to throw Batman away because he’s just such a brilliant character to work with, and the psychology of him is just very rich for gameplay.”

Whether the Rocksteady team is rewarded the Superman licence in a similar fashion to how Nolan’s Batman team has been brought on to oversee the next Superman film, we know they can make a kickass Batman game, and that’s all that matters.



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