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Logitech Wireless Headset Review

When it comes to headphones, I’ve gone through them all, from expensive DJ sets to inexpensive off-the-rack ones from Walgreens. The one thing I hated about all my previous pairs were that they always got tangled with my other cords or I would forget they were on my head while I walk away from where it was plugged in only to have it yanked out or yank me back into my seat.

That’s why I was a bit ecstatic when I received the latest in Logitech’s iDevice-friendly family, the wireless headset for the iPad, iPhone and pretty much any device with Bluetooth connection.

The headphones are lightweight and snug around the ears and after a short while of wearing them, you sort of forget they’re on your head. Running on a 3 hour charge these wireless headphones can roam up to 33 feet from any iDevice and last up to 6 hours. With that amount of time it should be good enough to last you throughout your conversations on the iPad 2’s FaceTime or through a couple of hours playing Jetpack Joyride.

The sound quality in these headphones is pretty impressive. I sat down for a couple of hours checking out a few games and a couple of movies on Netflix and I must say that the sound quality is superb. You could hear everything in fine detail without messing with any of the EQ settings on your iPad or iPhone. Although, the one thing that is missing from the headphones is a bit of bass but of course…I would be asking for too much from a wireless headset designed for conversations with people who don’t sound like Barry White.

Overall, Logitech delivers a pretty sweet wireless headset at a price point of $69.99, making it much more affordable than their wireless gaming headsets models like the F540 or the G930.

Final Score 4 out of 5


  • Clear Sound
  • Not heavy on the head or ears
  • Can also be used on anything that has Bluetooth connection (PS3)


  • Not enough bass
  • Flimsy plastic that may crack if you’re not too careful.
  • Volume may not be too high for some.


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