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Battlefield 3 Has Vehicles, Flying Tank Not Supposed to be One of Them

by on October 4, 2011

One of the big selling points of Battlefield 3 has to be the inclusion of vehicles. It’s been awhile since the inclusion of some awesome vehicular warfare in a game, and it’s something that the Call of Duty series hasn’t touched since Call of Duty 3. So there’s no doubt a lot of hype revolving around some tank action.

What no one probably expected with the tanks, especially the dude that got stuck in this one, was for them to fly. Or spin around. Or defy gravity. We’re pretty sure all of that is going to show up on the back of the box for the game on the “features” list so it seems like it was on purpose. For the guy in the tank and the gentleman that watches to come crashing down to earth like a heat-seeking rocket, it was less feature and more death sentence. The original uploader of this video is a gentleman with the Youtube username SoKuShd.


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