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access_time October 3, 2011 at 10:26 AM in Features by AJ Dellinger

Batman: Arkham City Achievements Reveal Nightwing

Thanks to a list of leaked achievements for Batman: Arkham City, we know of one more playable character that will be joining Batman, Catwoman, and Robin. The grown-up Dick Grayson will appear in a downloadable content pack as Nightwing.

Similarly to Robin, Nightwing will be available through DLC, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of characters that you’ll be able to play in Batman: Arkham City, you can always just not get the DLC. Then again if you’re like the rest of the rabid Batman fans, you already have your credit card out and are ready to hand over however much the Rocksteady team is asking for the adult boy-wonder.



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