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More Minecraft News: Hardcore Mode and Endermen Update

by on September 28, 2011

Take a look at the picture above. Notch tweeted this picture to his followers complaining that:

Oh snaaaaaaaap! I broke a long lasting tradition in minecraft by making each experience orb equal one score point.

However, what we also get from this picture is that there is a hardcore mode and you can not respawn in it. You the player will have to delete the world and try again. How’s that for hardcore?

Also, Notch admits to screwing up the Endermen. He claims that they’re “annoying” and he “made them too easy”. I would have to agree. Even though I played on easy mode I expected the Endermen to be more of a challenge. Creepers are still the king of the mobs in Minecraft in my opinion. Myself, and I’m sure many more minecraftians were expecting more from the Endermen mob.


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