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access_time September 27, 2011 at 10:17 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Tons of Updates for Minecraft 1.9

We have quite a few updates in the world that is the Minecraft 1.9 update. For one, look up, now look down, now look at the picture above. As you can see buffs have been added via the use of “potions”. The little glass bottles to the right and above the chests seem to be the containers for these potions. I was wondering what these were until Jens tweeted about a blindness potion effect in minecraft. Jens said that this will probably not be seeing a debut in the 1.9 pre-release occurring this week.

We also have for you today the lovely added feature called “Repairing”. Notch said it’s like repairing but better! I would have to disagree though. Notch states that you can make a repaired item by placing two damaged items next to each other and you get an item in slightly better condition. This concept just seems kinda wack. I would prefer doing something with a forge, hammer, materials (diamond, gold, iron, wood) and fixing the item completely rather than making a kinda more fixed item. Hopefully Notch changes his mind about that…

Also there will be breeding! This feature was only available through the mo’ creatures mod but Notch has finally decided to add it to the official game stating “They won’t stop breeding!”.

Also in miscellaneous news, ender pearls have a unique function now. Notch didn’t state what that function was as of yet. Also, if you didn’t catch it earlier there will be another pre-release of 1.9 coming this week.


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