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To Burn the Chicken, or not to Burn? That is the Question (Skyrim)

by on September 25, 2011

In Skyrim you can burn  chickens! Yeah that’s the whole story!…


I obviously kid dear readers, more to the point putting a chicken on fire in Skyrim can alter how NPC’s feel about you, along with your other deeds or…misdeeds. Todd Howard stated in an interview that you can have followers in Skyrim. Depending on how much they like you, their likelihood to perform more heinous crimes for you increases. He stated that this is all due to the story manager.

The story manager is looking at everything you do and then making things happen. So if you set a chicken on fire, or you drop an item, or pickpocket somebody or if you kill a dragon in town and absorb its soul, how people react all goes through the story manager

This is certainly something quite extraordinary, but not entirely new to the gaming world. Knights of the Old Republic had something similar to this but it really didn’t affect the game on as large a scale as the story manager seems to affect Skyrim. This gives me more of an incentive to actually talk to NPC’s and get to know them, besides questing for legendary items. The NPC’s will just need to make sure they can KEEP UP! I’m talking to youuuuuu Morrowind NPC’s.


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