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Rage Console Requirements, Hopefully You Won’t Get Angry

by on September 25, 2011

You won’t like me when I’m angry. O.K….O.K. readers I know I know! All of the “Rage emotion” jokes are most likely old by now…I just had to try. Anyways it was announced at the Eurogamer Expo that Rage will be on 3 discs for the XBOX 360 and will require an 8 GB instal for the PS3. Hopefully you’ll have enough room with all that porn stored on your console. Yes I’m talking to you!

Oh wait…there seems to be some good news for your porn stash, at least on your XBOX 360 anyways. It’s “recommended” not “required” to install the whole game on your XBOX 360. Tim Willits from ID Software says that you can “install disc one” and when you’re finished “uninstall and install disc two etc. etc.” Also for those who are worried about how badly multiplayer will damage your disk space, you don’t even have to install it. Yes sirree Bob. Tim Willits even said this about backtracking:

You can go back if you want to but there’s really no reason to.

Way to go guys. You just took the fun out of video games. *sarcasm*


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