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Oblivion Books Put into One Book: To Rule Them All

by on September 23, 2011


So get this, reddit user named notadoctoreither has compiled all of the tomes in TES IV: Oblivion into one bound book…TO RULE THEM ALL…well at least until someone does TES III or V. Notadoctoreither spent $130 dollars and a month putting this baby together. Look at the detail that went into this, he even got the crazy symbol pages right.

He has kindly provided a download link which contains all of the compiled books in Oblivion . You can also see some pictures from the binding process here. Notadoctoreither EVEN gives us the link on how to bind the book together. What a nice guy. Usually when someone on the internet makes something as great as this they squander their designs and won’t even make extra for the people who want one! Thank you so much notadoctoreither. Now I have to go and collect all of the tomes in TES III. *month lost*


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