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Resident Evil: Revelations Extended Trailer

by on September 21, 2011

When you’re watching this extended trailer of Resident Evil: Revelations from the Tokyo Game Show, try to remember it’s a 3DS game. The graphics are surprisingly gorgeous. And what better way to show them off than by having an extremely impractically dressed female get chased by mummy-zombie-creature-things?

Absurd about of cleavage aside, this looks like what a Resident Evil game should look and feel like. We’ll be waiting to see what other kinds of terror CapCom plans to put in the the pocket of their players when the game approaches its 2012 release.


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  • September 21, 2011 at 11:43 PM

    The game looks fantastic, and the girl had it coming.

    1.) No wonder she didn’t notice them before they were right in front of her. How could she even see anything with that hair right in front of her face?
    2.) How could she even make stops that fast? Wouldn’t the momentum of.. those.. interfere with her balance? Like pushing a half-full gallon of water. A momentary stop, then.. Owp! Forward she goes!
    3.) Why would she not carry more than one clip?
    4.) 01:28 – That’s why you need slip-resistant shoes at work!
    I’m not going to even mention the failure to zip her shirt up (except there). How did she even get this job?

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