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access_time September 20, 2011 at 3:23 PM in Reviews by Raychul Moore

The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles Adventure Pack review

The Pirates and Nobles Adventure pack is the first of hopefully many expansions for The Sims Medieval. If you haven’t played The Sims Medieval, you should. The game is a new take on the Sims franchise and focuses more on quest and missions based gameplay rather than the constant running to the bathroom gameplay that we have become used to. In The Sims Medieval, you take control of different “hero” sims who all can change and shape your kingdom as you see fit. Through the lives of the different hero sims, you can build up and customize your kingdom one building at a time. There are many different quests, from dragon slaying, to going on high seas adventures to keep you busy for hours. Now, with the Nobles and Pirates pack, you can join the ranks of the pirates and do pirate-y things like treasure hunting or become a noble with those of higher class. The Pirates and Nobles pack adds new quests, new items, new clothing and new vital NPC sims to your game.

If you were looking for something new to give you a reason to get back into The Sims Medieval, this is the perfect excuse. This pack adds just enough new quests and items that it will feel like you’re booting up the game again for the first time.


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