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New Rage TV Spot

by on September 15, 2011

If you’re flipping channels over the next month, you might catch a glimpse of the new TV spot for Rage. Good luck turning away, because it’s pretty intense. You can watch the full version below, which premiered during the Notre Dame-Michigan game on ABC last Saturday. The song, if you’re wondering, is “Counting Bodies like Sheep to the Rhythm of War Drums” by A Perfect Circle. Now good luck not being pumped for this game.


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  • September 15, 2011 at 11:24 AM

    I don’t watch much cable (lots of movies, but usually through DVDs/Blu-Rays or Netflix), but I’ve noticed promotions for Rage in some of the more recent Breaking Bad episodes. They must be promoting this game fairly heavily.

    Also, A Perfect Circle needs to hurry up and make another album.

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