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Rusty Hearts Heads to Open Beta (Exclusive Chat With Producer Mark Hill)

If you happened to miss our coverage of the Perfect World booth at PAX, this is your chance to play what you’re missing out on. The free-to-play MMORPG Rusty Hearts has entered open beta today.

Rusty Hearts is just coming out of an extremely successful closed beta run and you won’t even be playing from behind from those who were in on the closed beta; Everyone is starting from scratch for open. Perfect World is holding some events to celebrate. Also to shed some more light on what to expect from Rusty Hearts’ open beta, game producer Mark Hill answered some questions for us.

GotGame: The closed beta seemed like it was a pretty massive success, both in terms of size and execution. Are you expecting a pretty sizable launch with the open beta as far as sheer number of players?

Mark Hill: We are very excited about the open beta launch and have high expectations for a big turnout for the open beta launch because the closed beta was such a success. Both the returning closed beta players and brand new players are really going to enjoy the new features, updates, and new content in open beta.

GG: Is there a timeline for how long the open beta will be running?

MH: Open beta will actually be Rusty Hearts’ official release for everyone to play for free. Our plan is to keep giving players a unique experience and unending reasons to play the game such as new content and updates that are already in the works.

GG: Are there any events coming along with the launch or shortly after that you can talk about or hint at?

MH: To celebrate the highly anticipated open beta launch of Rusty Hearts, we have planned some fun events that will kick off on the first day of open beta and continue for a few weeks. In the first week, players will have the chance to win a Logitech F710 wireless controller by completing a pre-determined dungeon with the fastest time. We also have two other events for a chance to win limited edition Rusty Hearts posters for players with the largest gold collection and for posting the highest combo. Check out the official Rusty Hearts website for more details and updates on the events at http://rh.perfectworld.com/.

GG: Will there be any new features that will be coming with the launch?

MH: Absolutely! There will be an increased level cap, the opening of the new Cathedral hub world along with a set of dungeons for players to explore, tons of new skills to learn and items to collect.

Based on community feedback, we will be removing the Stamina System, which would limit the amount of EXP a player was able to acquire in a day. For the open beta, players will now be able to play as much as they desire with no limits on EXP, dungeon runs, or any of the other features in the game.

GG: Will we see the addition of any new characters with open beta?

MH: Not right away, but we are always looking for ways to create new content and keep the storyline interesting with new characters. Stay tune for some really exciting news coming soon!

Hop in on the open beta here and get your MMO on.


  • killatia September 13, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    I got into the closed beta of Rusty Hearts and loved every minute of it. I can’t wait for the open beta to start!

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