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Lingerie Football League Wants its Own Video Game

by on September 13, 2011

If you’ve ever sat down to play some Madden and thought, “this game would be so much better if I was playing as scantly-clad women,” then you are strange little man. But you are in luck because the Lingerie Football League is looking to bring their, uh, sport, to the console and PC. In other news, the Lingerie Football League is actually a thing and apparently people watch it.

According to Stephen McMillen, the Vice President of Business Affairs at the LFL, “There has been a significant amount of interest and discussion about the official console, PC and mobile gaming rights of the LFL.” They plan to announce the owner of the gaming rights soon and have a game on store shelves by 2014.

On paper, this is an unbeatable combination; A video game where you control an entire team of nearly-nude girls. This game aims to give gamers a reason never to talk to actual women again.


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