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access_time September 13, 2011 at 8:31 PM in Features by Andrew Kent

Bowser has Tanooki Tail? (Super Mario Land 3D)

It has been shown that Bowser will be able to use the Tanooki Suit power up in Super Mario Land 3D. IGN has photos of Bowser with a Tanooki tail instead of his signature orange lizard tail. So what kind of level will this raise the Mario game to? Bowser has always been fairly easy to defeat. Either fling some Koopas up in the air, swing bowser around by his tail, or send meteors flying back at him. Giving Bowser access to power ups will, in my opinion, definitely enhance the Mario gaming experience. This Bowser power up could potentially make the boss harder, but then again he could be susceptible to the “repetitive” moves syndrome. This is where a boss only has a few moves, besides a standard attack, that he lashes out and they become repetitive. Hopefully developers will give Bowser different attacks and change things up often. You can view pictures of Bowser with his Tanooki tail at the source listed below.



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