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access_time September 12, 2011 at 10:25 AM in Features by AJ Dellinger

Dead Island Patch Fixes Things by Making Them Worse

Techland launched Dead Island knowing that it had issues. Rather than let players lambaste them for releasing a glitchy title, Techland were outright and admitted the problems and stated a fix was on the way. That Dead Island patch has arrived for the PS3, and it turns out Techland’s way of fixing the game is by breaking it completely and wiping save files, statistics, and trophies.

Aside from those who applied the Dead Island patch to see all their data erased, there have been some who have not even been able to play the game since downloading the patch. In a sense, this is probably better for Techland since if a player can’t play the game then they can’t bitch about glitches within it either. It’s a bold strategy that will be sure to net points for innovation, and probably several hundred thousand angry emails and youtube comments.

Xbox 360 gamers should fear not as the patch has not been approved for the 360 yet. Here’s hoping Techland goes back and makes a Dead Island patch that won’t make Dead Island completely unplayable. This could mean it will take even longer to release the patch to make sure no issues like this occur though. Better that than no access to the game or save files.



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