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access_time September 12, 2011 at 1:02 PM in Features by Andrew Kent

Burning Embers: Using a Different Conduit besides XBL, PSN, or Wii-Ware

What if you could chose to use something else besides XBOX Live on your XBOX 360? What if Company A made A Live, which gave equal or better quality online service for a fraction of the cost of XBOX Live, or even for free? Some of you may say this is impossible, there would be no way Microsoft would allow such a thing. Well, technically they would have to if competition sprung up. Here is the short version of the story behind that.

ATT used to have a monopoly on phone service. If you bought a phone from ATT you could only use ATT phone service on that phone. The U.S. Government allowed this monopoly for awhile but later on decided to nail the coffin for said monopoly. ATT was required by U.S. law to make it so any phone they sold was able to connect to any phone service of the customer’s choosing.

Technically if Company A were to make an online service similar to the PSN, XBL, or Wii-Ware; then Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony would have to make their consoles compatible with Company A’s product whether they liked it or not. However there is not any such competition yet, but think of the possibilities if there were. XBOX Live would have to compete with prices and possibly better services, so would Wii-Ware and the Playstation Network/PS Plus. No longer would we be a slave to the online service that comes with the console we buy, we as customer’s would be able to chose which service fits us best without having to buy multiple consoles.

Every Monday Ember crawls from his cave to come and deliver his opinion to you the readers. His grumpy Monday attitude fuels the fire that burns onto the screen to form the weekly article: Burning Embers.

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