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Nintendo Wii-U in Development Hell

by on September 8, 2011

According to a report from 01.net, a Nintendo insider has leaked information that Nintendo’s new Wii-U console has been rushed and is producing less-than-ideal results in terms of functionality. According to the source, the wireless controllers “don’t work properly” and the system as a whole is in “development hell.”

Two of the main features of the controller, streaming gameplay and wireless functionality, are not working as well as planned because they were rushed out of production. In fact the source in the article said, “So far, the wireless functions simply do not work at all,” which is to say that the wireless controller is in no way wireless. This could be an issue with the chipset, which is, “a tad too cheap,” according to the report.

Developers are still expecting a June 2012 release date for the system, but are currently developing games on a limited functionality prototype that doesn’t include wireless. The clock is ticking for Nintendo engineers if this report holds true.

When dealing with a company like Nintendo, one has to assume that somehow, someone will wave some sort of magic, Wii-remote shaped wand and make this work. But Nintendo has had a history over the past few years of pushing things out the door to win the innovation race. Let’s hope they aren’t pushing this one out a tad bit too early.


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