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access_time September 2, 2011 at 8:52 AM in Features by AJ Dellinger

COD XP Event Leads to Leaks About Modern Warfare 3

A list of potentially leaked information regarding Moder Warfare 3 has hit the internet and has the world of Call of Duty all aflutter with discussion (though if you told most of the people that play Call of Duty that they were “aflutter” with anything, they’d probably unleash a tirade of homophobic slurs). While we don’t know just how confirmed these things are, there’s pretty solid reason to believe that you’ll see these features in Modern Warfare 3.

  • A “Dog tags” game mode. You take the dog tags off the body of those that you killed, and if you retrieve the dog tags of a dead teammate than the kill won’t count.
  • Small maps with lots of cover yet defined paths for certain game modes.
  • M16 will reflect CoD4‘s M16 in that it will be a 2-burst kill.
  • You’ll unlock Dead Silence at level 55.
  • Guns will come equipped with their own perks.
  • More customization and restriction ability in private matches, ranging from certain guns to kill streaks to perks
  • A new perk to increase speed while aiming.
  • Reticles will be customizable.
  • Flag pick up/return is one second.
  • An added perk to increase vision to see enemies from a distance.
There’s a pretty good chance there is plenty more information like this on the way, but for now this will have to tide over all you CoD heads that are waiting for Modern Warfare 3. In the mean time, I’ll just start making up things and you’ll have to guess if it’s true or not. First one: New playable character in Modern Warfare 3 will be Corey from Boy Meets World. Tell me you wouldn’t play through that campaign.


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