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access_time August 31, 2011 at 10:51 AM in Features by Raychul Moore

Fatal Frame-like game coming to 3DS

Some are calling the new 3DS survival-horror game a “Fatal Frame spin-off”, which I don’t know why since it is not reported to be linked to Fatal Frame and it is unknown if the game will even be published by Tecmo. It seems more like a rip-off of an old DS game that was announced in 2009 but never heard from again, called Ghostwire, which was a game where players were to use their DS’s camera to hunt ghost in their real-life environments. The new game just announced is called “Spirit Photo” (some reports have it titled Spirit Diary, but the direct translation is Spirit Photo) and it’s about you and a young girl who are investigating a cursed book by using the 3DS’s AR Notebook.

I am a huge survival-horror fan and an even bigger fan of the Fatal Frame series. Whether this is a true spin-off or just people jumping to conclusions and practicing poor journalism, it is safe to say that I am pretty damned stoked.

(top photo is not of the game but of Fatal Frame 4 which was not released in the US)


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