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access_time August 30, 2011 at 12:07 PM in Features by Raychul Moore

Max Payne 3 screenshots finally looking more like Max Payne

Remember awhile back the screenshots Rockstar showed us of Max Payne and how un-Max Payne he looked?

Well, today Rockstar released two more screenshots and this time around he is looking like he is back to his old self again. Or maybe these are just shots of early on in the game before good ole’ Max goes to Brazil and come back looking like Captain Spaulding without the clown makeup.

It’s been quite sometime since Max Payne 2: the Fall of Max Payne, and I hope the third keeps the film noire feel and doesn’t becomg just another action-shooter much like the second one was threatening to become. Remember the “Silent Hill-esce” blood trail sequences from the first one? Yeah, I want more of that.

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