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I’ve Got a Golden Wii-Mote (Zelda: Skyward Sword)

by on August 29, 2011

Well, unfortunately I don’t have a Golden Wii-mote yet…but “I want it now”…

Anyways, we all know that Skyward Sword is coming and we all wants it, we wants the precious. Well ladies and gentleman, Nintendo is shoving more shiny in our face. If you buy the “Special Limited Edition” version of Skyward sword you will gain a gold colored wii-mote shown in above picture. But this is no ordinary Wii-mote, it’s a Wii Remote Plus! The very device you will need to actually play the game since it gives more precision. This bundle comes to you at the generous price of $69.99, only $20 more than the regular copy of the game. There is also another special item that both bundle buyers and regular copy buyers will be able to receive. If you purchase a copy from the initial production wave there will be an extra C.D. in the case with select orchestral songs from the Zelda Symphony Concert.

Oh Nintendo…why dost thou tease me so?

(Bonus points if you get both my movie references 😉 )


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