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Diablo 3 Is Modless

Modding has become an art for those in the Warcraft and Starcraft mentality of Blizzard games. From classic whole game mods like DoTa to custom maps with resource trickery, the ability to modify a game and publish your own content invariably extends the life of a product. But then there’s Diablo, the weird one of the bunch that has only had one unofficial mod to date (for the first game, no less). Now it’s been stated that mods are out for Diablo 3.

At Gamescom last week, Jay Wilson (lead designer for D3) stated:

“None of the Diablo games have ever supported mods and primarily because being able to do modding along with high fidelity art that is also randomly generated is a really, really big challenge. And when we started the project we went ‘Well, if we’re going to do mods, we’re going to add a couple of years onto the product.’”

He went on to say that the series has never featured support for mods, which is true. Even if it has unwittingly provided support for hacks, hex edits, and the wet dreams of international item farmers.

So now we have to deal with constant connection to the internet and somewhat forced RMT only. Well, it could be worse.



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