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Apple Takes Down Wolfenstein 3D Because of Swastikas

by on August 25, 2011

“Down with the censor!” Hitler Andrew Ryan says. Well, too bad Hitler Andrew Ryan, Wolfenstein 3D has been taken down by the censor, namely Apple, in Austria and Switzerland. John Carmack, Founder and Director of Id Software, mentioned this in a tweet today and also said that Apples reasoning behind this was because of “offensive swastikas”.

Well I for one praise Apple. Those swastikas have been a pain in my side since I was born. Swastika fries, swastika notepads, swastika cell phones. Oh it was just horrendous!

But on a serious note, are we still stuck in World War II? The Nazis are gone, we won the war, end of story. If a game wants to put swastikas in a game then they should be able to. It’s unfortunate that the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are not the free platforms they should be.


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