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access_time August 24, 2011 at 4:41 PM in Features by Ramon Aranda

Microsoft Not Thinking Xbox 720 Yet

In an interview with Eurogamer, Microsoft’s Chris Lewis says that the company isn’t really thinking about the successor to the Xbox 360.

“We had a very good year last year. But, I do also believe there is sufficient in what’s coming and exists right now for that to be a very realistic ambition. We’re not talking about any additional or new generations of hardware at the moment. We’re fixated on what we’ve got going on right now,” said Lewis.

He would go on to say that it would become a priority if it looked like developers were hitting a glass ceiling or if something like Kinect hadn’t come along, but as of now, it seems the Xbox 360 still has plenty of life left.

“If we weren’t bringing revolutionary technology like Kinect, if we weren’t able to, frankly, completely update the UI of Xbox Live without predicating that on people buying new hardware, were those things not true I might be more in agreement with your assessment,” added Lewis.

Certainly that shouldn’t mean that Microsoft isn’t brainstorming their next-generation console or even that development hasn’t begun, but obviously they don’t see an immediate need to come up with something new.



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