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access_time August 22, 2011 at 11:51 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Mobile Phone Gaming a Threat To Consoles? Yeah Right

With new gadgets like the iPhone 4 and Xperia Play coming out, there has been some speculation as to whether mobile phone gaming will make console gaming obsolete. The answer is simple: No, mobile phone gaming will not make console gaming extinct and here is why.

Content: Mobile games have limited content, you can only store so much on 32 gigs of space in your iPhone ladies and gentlemen. Mobile phone require that the game be saved to your phone which gives developers a challenge to put a decent game into a small amount of space. Don’t get me wrong, some mobile games are decent, they just can’t compare with what consoles have to offer. Consoles read the game disc, obviously, and therefore don’t require you to save much on them except your save game data (which doesn’t take up that much space). Also consoles can have as much, or more, storage space as a computer can so even if you’re downloading a game from XBLA or the Playstation Network, you won’t have to worry about hard drive space anytime soon.

Graphics: Let’s face it, mobile game graphics are some times dated compared to console game graphics. The best the Xperia can play is Minecraft and first gen Playstation games. Even if we bring in the DSi to the mix, you probably aren’t getting the same quality as an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3. There is only so much you can do with such a small screen and small device.

Ease of Play: Now this mainly is directed towards touch screen mobile phones. Touch screens are cool (in my opinion) and most phones have a touch screen these days. However, playing games on such devices can be a hassle some times. Buttons in the game are not elevated or spaced apart as they are with the DS systems and controllers. Some of us have big fingers, so what then? I guess we just wait until the mobile phone companies are kind enough to make some sort of device that turns the phone into a controller of sorts.

Casual Gaming: Casual gaming dominates the mobile gaming market. You have your Farmville, your Cityville, and other villes that you can’t trot about with your cute little avatar. Casual games are perfect for mobile phones because of their limited content, shoddy graphics, and how easy commands are to execute in game. Yes Zynga, I so want to play CafeWorld on my XBOX 360. Not.

In the end, until mobile phones have the capabilities of a console gaming system then they are no match for the precious…I mean systems like the XBOX 360, Ps3, and Wii.


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