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UbiSoft Tablet Leaked

by on August 21, 2011

UbiSoft has been hard at work on a tablet platform, but they don’t want us to know that. Despite the severely tin-foil hat implications of that sentence, a video from the company’s internal workings leaked onto Vimeo showcasing the Project In Touch before quickly being silenced. Too bad screenshots got taken.

Compounding the issue at hand, UbiSoft called infringement due to work on an official project named the UBISOFT TABLET. Way to confirm the rumors, guys. Now the peripheral itself looks pretty rough and blocky, dominated by Wii White and lime green accents, controlled by a Cuban cigar sized stylus that looks more suited for archaic medical procedures than next gen gaming. The pseudo-phallic imagery captured (see below) doesn’t help make it look any less dorky.

Now to see how UbiSoft handles the official announcement, since they has confirmed the existence of the tablet. Until then, take a gander at some screenshots below.


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