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Valve Head On Dota 2

Dota 2 is still in the works, but the game seems to have sparked a renaissance period for Valve’s designers. Speaking on the game, Gabe Newell, current head of Valve, confirms the team’s joie de vivre, and revealed details on the game itself.

While the devs worked, the feedback implies, according to Newell, that they were happier and more satisfied to be building Dota 2 than any previous game in recent memory. By choosing to look at the game as fans and players of the original Warcraft III mod, the work became a labor of fan love and not mere drudgery.

“I haven’t seen Erik [Johnson] have this much fun in half a decade. He’s working twice as hard as he’s ever done, because he likes Ice Frog, and he wants Dota 2 to work, and he loves these types of games.”

As for monetary gain, microtransactions are out and user-made mods are in. Comparing the system being made to the hat designers of Team Fortress 2, the developers interested in making additions will likely have a chance to put their own materials up for sale, hoping to turn a profit for the players and not the company.

No word on an official time frame for release, but the game still has to be integrated into international release schemes.



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