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Battlefield 3 Lacks Server List

by on August 20, 2011

Those wishing to browse servers in the main screen of Battlefield 3 may be in for an unpleasant surprise – there isn’t a browser. At least, there is a large likelihood that there isn’t one.

For now, gameplay designer and DICE employee Alan Kertz suggests doing things the old way. According to Kertz, the best way to server-hop is by quitting the game and relaunching, thanks to the game’s reliance on an integrated Battlelog system. That log is, by Kertz’s word, in the main menu and actually forms the screen itself, but he goes on to suggest alt tab’ing to get to the Battlelog in a tweet speaking on the issue.

Do server changes need to be this convoluted and needlessly irksome? How about a simple explanation at the very least?


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