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access_time August 19, 2011 at 11:23 AM in Features by m_olmos

Xbox 720 to Overlap 360

When the UK based newspaper the Metro sat down with Chris Lewis, the man in charge of the console’s well being in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, they let the man do his thing. That thing is a masterful combination of actual information, subtle up selling of the brand he promotes, and actual news, all delivered in what can be assumed is a natural speech pattern. From the fate of the Xbox 720 to the value of competition, Lewis covers it all with aplomb.

When asked about the value of a series, Chris Lewis made it known that the 360 isn’t going anywhere soon. With intent of making the system have double the lifespan of the normal system, he recognized the value of sequels, hinting that the Microsoft console branch places more pressure on established makers to improve on their craft. Of course, he tactfully avoids the topic of Halo or even specifics, instead choosing to move to the Kinect as a valuable “new genre” of gaming. What that actually means is all but left untouched, but is summed up as,

“We’re just going to let people use their own body, we’re going to put technology in place that’s unique and that gives scope for development and lots of other experiences over time.”

The real story is the revelation that the Xbox 720 and the Xbox 360 will likely overlap one another. Not since the NES and the SNES overlapped has the possibility of multigenerational existence been this real. Of course, he did go on to say that the system is a “living room based experience,” so Chris Lewis could just be blowing proverbial smoke to say something.

Tons more is covered in the interview, but for brevity’s sake I’ll leave a link………HERE. Now to wonder how big the living rooms Lewis is talking about are…



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