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Deus Ex+TF2 Pre-order Bonus

by on August 19, 2011

Following the fiendishly clever example set in motion by Gamestop, every company that retails games is adding more digital bonuses for you early-birds out there. It’s just been announced that if you pre-order the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PC from Steam, then you get an awesome DLC pack for Steam’s now free to play first person shooter, Team Fortress 2. The pack includes 8 cybernetic and futuristic weapons and augmentations for the Team Fortress archetypes, including Deus Ex sunglasses, a cybernetic arm for the engineer, a high tech sniper rifle for the sniper, an awesome looking metal helmet for the spy, and more. I’ve seen the huge amount of DLC available for TF2, and I have to say, this cyberpunk themed pack trumps them all. Hats do not compare. Look at the awesome new spy! Then die.


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