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access_time August 18, 2011 at 11:52 AM in Features by m_olmos

Diablo III: Inferno

Say goodbye to Nightmare and Hell modes, and consider the Mephisto run a historical artifact. In place of the endless grind of beating the shit out of a Prime Evil, Blizzard has introduced a new mode: Inferno.

One step above Hell, Inferno mode will reinvent the difficulty curve of Diablo. Not content to just minus your resistances, the mode will feature enemies at level 61 or greater – and your cap is level 60. The prize for defeating foes inordinately more powerful is worth it: exclusive gear, including runes and armor, spread across the entire game. Basically, Blizz has nulled the run and turned it into the game itself. Wait…it’s like they improved on Diablo 2’s mindless but mildly enjoyable farming.

Of course, Blizzard used this announcement to also say nothing else about the game. So the same stands: Beta by September, release in the third quarter. Don’t you just love the anticipation?



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