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access_time August 17, 2011 at 11:39 AM in Features by m_olmos

Silent Hill Gets Three New Games

Those planning on going to gamescom will get a nice treat. Well, a nice treat if the Silent Hill series is your thing, as Konami is set to unveil no fewer than three new additions to the saga. The main draw is a hands-on demo of Silent Hill Downpour, but more is in store.

Along with Downpour, an Xbox version of the already PS3 friendly Silent Hill HD Collection will be given an outline. Meanwhile, the PS Vita will get an exclusive title – Silent Hill Book of Memories, the first multiplayer extravaganza for the series to date. Book of Memories will focus on a tome able to contain all memories of a player that is alterable, leading to unknown consequences.  It’s a bit like Neverending Story meets Making History.

Downpour will focus on Murphy Pendleton, a convict with an Army Base surname, who escapes after a collision. He then goes into Silent Hill, crawling through outdated transport tunnels and other terrifying remnants. Coming this November to Xbox 360 and PS3, the game will be the first release of the three. Those waiting for the HD Collection and Book of Memories will have to sit on their hands until early 2012.


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