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Abba Come Dancing

by on August 17, 2011

Dancing games seem to be the new rhythmic hitting of a plastic guitar game. Terpsichorean über-minds Ubisoft already have big names in their roster, what with the Black Eyed Peas and MJ rubbing elbows (and Kinects). Now a new sort of musician has entered the picture: Swedes.

Some time before Christmas in Europe, Ubisoft is releasing Abba: You Can Dance for the Wii. Yes, a dancing game with a cheesy quote from Dancing Queen as the subtitle. But it’s not atrociously bad electro-pop like BEP or classic ass shakers like the Jackson oeuvre, so you can instead force glow-imbued sprites to move to modern favorites like Super Trouper.

No word yet on other platforms, but the game should be a nice way for the European Slim Wii to get broken in.


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