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access_time August 15, 2011 at 10:09 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Why We Don’t Need to Care About Next Gen Consoles Just Yet

Recently, because of the announcement of the Wii-U a few months ago people have been talking up the idea of the “XBOX 720” and the “PS4”. In my opinion, what is the point of talking about next gen consoles when they probably won’t have much to offer us? Sure, the Wii-U will add another console with HD graphics to the market, but that’s practically the only addition. Nintendo hasn’t 1-upped Microsoft or Sony, they’ve just finally caught up. The only possible thing next gen consoles could give us are integrated motion control support like the Wii gave us. However that doesn’t necessarily warrant a new console right this moment. Game producers have obviously been tinkering with Kinect support in their games, which can be inferred from the massive release of Kinect enabled games at this years E3 convention. So why bring in a new console when you’re still working out the kinks of the Kinect or Playstation Move, the former of which could bring massive possibilities to the gaming world? Microsoft seems to have big plans for the Kinect, or else it would have scrapped the device long ago.

In the end major additions would be needed to warrant the production of next generation consoles, mainly a giant boost in graphics, built in motion control seen with the Wii, and possibly something to replace your sexual consort. (Just kidding on that last part)


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