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UPDATE: Swiss Police Want The Darkness II Banned

by on August 12, 2011

So apparently there is a moment or two of police carnage in the Darkness II, well a Swiss Police Christian Association will have none of that! This same association has notified politicians, stores, and game producers should immediately remove games such as this from stores. The president of the Swiss Police Christian Association made this comment:

When police in England are the target of mobs running amok, it is important that police are not portrayed as the enemy

So a couple instances of killing police, in a fantasy world, makes them the enemy? Really? Who in their right mind would think that police are the enemy because of a fictional video game? This is another sad instance of officials jumping the gun and thinking for the citizens. Sure, some people are unable to depict fantasy from reality but that doesn’t stand for the rest of the population. I understand that the police are there to do their duty and keep the peace, I don’t think they’re the enemy at all and no video game will make me change my mind. Let people think for themselves, and if they start making police their number one enemy then throw them in the looney bin. No one needs a nanny government looking over them.


GotGame has just received a statement from 2KGames which reads as such:

Reported stories regarding police officers in The Darkness II were erroneous. To be clear, there are no police officers in the game.

I guess the Swedish Police Christian Association does not have a case here. Aaaaand my rant was for naught. Sad face!

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