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access_time August 12, 2011 at 12:19 PM in Culture by m_olmos

Google Plus Adds Games

Google Plus has finally implemented a game service, a month after it was discovered that the networking offshoot was working on support. In a move typical of G Plus to date, the service expands and improves on the Facebook archetype despite its nascent status.

Taking some 16 casual games from Angry Birds to Bejeweled, Google has done what Facebook can’t: put the damn things on a page dedicated to games. That means no more endless frustration because your stupid friend who is obsessed with Facebook games needs you to help them get a plant. Also, while Facebook rakes in around 30% of their total money from games, Google will be taking in a mere five percent, meaning the emphasis on games will be more on the developer’s side.

If you have Google Plus, you might be able to see the section. If not, the NorCal megalith continues to work and will be releasing the page to more people very soon.



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