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Apple’s Worth Rising

by on August 12, 2011

In the face of a still struggling economy and a game industry facing demands for new platforms, Steve Jobs couldn’t be happier. Not only has Apple been doing swimmingly since the introduction of the iPad – a device now recognized as a legitimate gaming system – but they are now the most valuable player. Period.

Taking the lead over petrol barons Exxon Mobil, Apple reported a worth of $337, 174 million versus Exxon’s $330, 770 million total value. With Microsoft already left in the dust, Jobs and Co. are now poised to maintain a hold on the top spot above IBM, Nestle, and the Chinese oil and banking industry.

So now as we wait for Apple to buy a country or secede as a domestic financial power, take a moment to celebrate the rise of technology. I, for one, welcome our touch-based overlords.


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