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A Bacon Filled Evening With DeathSpank (Q&A)

Recently, at the fanciest restaurant in San Francisco, GotGame had the privilege of sitting down and having a nice romantic bacon wrapped dinner with DeathSpank, who you all might know from his popular comedy action rpg games; DeathSpank and DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue with his third game coming out pretty soon, The Baconing. During the dinner, we asked DeathSpank a few questions about his bacon recipes and his upcoming epic adventure.

What is best in life?

The best thing in life is opening treasure chests. Adventuring is a tough business but there are benefits to this crazy field of work. And when DeathSpank comes across a treasure chest, he gets as excited as a schoolgirl in love. With endless potential piles of loot, weapons, money, food and a new weapon of justice inside, a treasure chest is simply the best thing in life!

Do you have any special bacon recipies?

One recipe I used a few times in my latest adventure was bacon fire soup with crispy thongs. Simply find one molten lava pool of bacon fire. Add to it one well worked Thong of Justice. Let it simmer for a few seconds and bam…a delicious bowl of bacon fire soup with crispy thongs. The only problem with that recipe is that it’s simply too hot to enjoy!

On a scale of 1-10 how epic is your next adventure?

The next adventure is easily a ten and the craziest one I have ever been on in my storied hero life. From sci-fi inspired worlds like The Forest of Tomorrow and Rainbow’s End, to crazy characters like the godfather of the McMafia family and Mutoe, the edible abomination and our homage to theme parks and Mickey Mouse, it is easily the most epic journey that should be experienced before any other of my adventures.

How much justice will you dispense in the Baconing?

I will dispense more justice in The Baconing than all of the bacon in the world. And let’s face it, there is a lot of delicious salty, porky meat in the world. So stand back, and take cover, because the world has never seen this much justice being dispensed at once. Ha ha…boom baby!

What’s it like working with Bob from marketing?

It is a challenge working with a hammerhead shark in a business suit who excels in marketing. While his laser eyes, swordfish and swimming abilities make his a fond friend in battle, his constant barrage of ideas can get pretty tiring. And since Bob has a very short temper, not to mention sharp teeth, I really need to make sure that my feedback is full of gentle, and sweet justice. Trust me, you want to keep your shark buddies very, very happy.

Which is your favorite Thong of Virtue to wear in battle?

I don’t really have a favorite color, but I would have to say a clean thong would be my number one choice!

There’s this girl at my school that I really, really like. How do I get her to notice me?

Offer your helping hand in any quests she may have so you can prove your worthiness. I do this with the Red Princess in The Baconing and it works very well. Your secret crush may have required you to vanquish evil, locate a special item of value or simply just have the protection of a hero. Offer your hand to her and she may in return offer back her heart. If all else fails, try offering her a piece of Mutoe, everyone loves how that guy tastes!

After a few drinks and couple more plates of bacon wrapped with bacon, DeathSpank had to leave us to find a local outhouse to get back to his adventure.

Thank you for a lovely evening, DeathSpank.

We would also like to thank the folks at TriplePoint and HotHead Games for setting up the Q&A session with DeathSpank even though he didn’t leave a tip for the waitress.


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