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access_time August 11, 2011 at 9:37 AM in Features by AJ Dellinger

End of Nations from Trion Worlds Coming for Free

Have you been looking for a massive real-time strategy game that you can play online set in a persistent universe that you can play for free? Well, your oddly specific needs have been met thanks to you Trion Worlds’ End of Nations. The game will follow the popular trend of free-to-play with an optional monthly subscription.

Trion Worlds appear to be taking the free-to-play route to help invite more players to join in the action, a necessity for a game that is based on massive warfare and persistent worlds. The developer seems committed to the F2P model, offering most of the game store items for in-game currency or purchasable credits. Little detail has been revealed as far as benefits for subscribers, but the key words so far “value and convenience.” There will also be a collector’s edition of End of Nations available in retail stores, and a digital version of the collector’s edition will also be available, though the extras that come with it have yet to be announced.

Thus far, End of Nations seems to be a true free-to-play that doesn’t offer significant advantage to those you happen to be able to afford the optional monthly fee. Everything will be available, including the 50-level campaign and the 26 vs 26 head-to-head online multiplayer which is End of Nations’ big selling point. One can only assume that rather than reaping your money, Trion Worlds has somehow found a way to accept your soul as currency, but we’ll find out if their soul-sucking technology works once the game is released.


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