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access_time August 10, 2011 at 10:28 AM in Features by Lukas Jaro

Next ‘Call of Duty’ codenamed ‘Iron Wolf’

Out of the blue, before the official announcement, comes information about the next Call of Duty game. No, we’re not talking about Modern Warfare 3 that’s coming out this November. We’re talking about something completely different…

A member of the se7ensins forums, and his friend, have some Treyarch developers in their friends list. Recently they have noticed one of devs was playing Team Deathmatch on an unknown map of an unknown game – except it was titled ‘Iron Wolf’ on the screen. He curiously checked a few other Treyarch profiles and guess what? Some of them were playing the game as well!

It’s no surprise that another CoD game is already in development. It’s similiar with many franchises – multiple teams work on multiple projects/titles, each with an estimated 2-year development cycle.

What does the name ‘Iron Wolf’ imply though? Most likely it is just a codename for the project. It could also mean that, most likely, the next Call of Duty will take us back to World War II. It might be related somehow to World at War or Black Ops and it might not. We’ll have to see…



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