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Amaterasu Dog Cosplay is Adorable, Technically Not Torture

by on August 10, 2011

There are plenty of nerds out there that love to take any opportunity they can to dress up as their favorite character, and every once in awhile these cosplays are so excruciatingly (read: frighteningly, obsessively, etc.) detailed that when the pictures hit the internet, one can’t help but be impressed (read: slightly disturbed, unnerved, etc.). But when dogs get involved, things get a little more absurd and a lot more adorable.

Meet Dante the Samoyed (add him on Facebook…no, seriously), who you may recognize as Amaterasu from Okami. The cosplay came from David Kogan, aka DeviantARTist Volko-Day, who seems to be a bit of a cosplay master, which you should interpret however you want. The outfit is explained in detail at Practical Evil and it is clear that plenty of precaution was put into the entire cosplay experience for Dante. For example, no real fire was used to make the costume.

Below you can see some of the process of making the dog cosplay and more pictures of this adorable little sun goddess. Filed under “things that make you say ‘Awww.'”


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