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access_time August 8, 2011 at 12:37 PM in Features by Raychul Moore

Borderlands 2 Deets!

Just last week we got the confirmation that Borderlands 2 is in the making. (yay!) This week get got some details of some of the new improvements and changes via the latest copy of Game Informer.

-Co-op will stick to 4 players
-Different variety of vehicles, one being a Bandit Technical
-Eridium, can be used to enhance weapons or are the only currency to purchase the most powerful weapons in the world
-Bearded drawf guy is Salvador, the Gunzerker. Special ability is Dual-wielding. Any weapon can be dual-wield.
-The original Vault Hunters will be support NPC’s.
-Bandits now have their own brand of weaponry.
-Weapons can have custom decals and enhancements.
-Enemies are more responsive, and actually interact with each other better.
-The players will also have interacting dialogues, similar to those in Left 4 Dead.

-Each manufacturer will have their own visual styling/theme. The purpose of this is to be able to easily identify a weapon’s manufacturer and quality by simple looking at it. No manufacturers will have the same looking gun
-NPC’s will be fully animated and move around their locations, interacting with objects within their locations
-Gearbox wants to make 4 seating standard on each vehicle
-Class mods and Artifacts will be returning
-BL2’s skill tree will maintain the 3 Branch system and have more defined abilities rather than simple stat boosts. It is unknown how many skills will occupy each branch.
-2 Gunzerker Skills were mentioned. One, increases the fire rate of any weapon the longer the trigger is held down. A second, while Dual-wielding, increases accuracy with same class weapons, or doubles damage for different class weapons.


That’s a whole lot of awesome right there.



  • Cheddahz August 8, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    Sounds awesome

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