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Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Jedi Consular Update

by on August 5, 2011

Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic got a new class to suck more of their time from them today. The Jedi Consular update, aptly named as it delivers the Jedi Consular class, adds a character of “wisdom, study, and diplomacy.” Players will be able to use the class like a space Ghandi, bringing peace with words of wisdom. Of course when that fails, you can always just kick the everliving s*** out of people with your mind.

With the release of the update came a preview trailer, which gives a good idea of what you’ll be doing as a Jedi Consular. It involves a surprising amount of blocking blaster shots with your light saber (as someone who isn’t a huge fan of Star Wars, I had to look up those terms so as not to say “block laser lights with your glowy stick.”)


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